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There are many sights in the area of Plastira’s lake, such as many monasteries, the botanical garden, the dam, the observation post and many others that will add emotions and enthusiasm to your trip in Plastira’s lake.


The implementation of the idea of Nikolaos Plastiras took place in 1959. The dam, which length is 220m, hold river Tauropos and it covered the valley of Nevropoli, so Plastira’s lake (Tauropos lake) was created. The lake feeds the hydroelectric station, irrigates the Thessaly plain and waters the town and 38 townships and villages of the area and also of Thessaly.

An impressive cement building, an elegant arch that embraces the huge bulk of the water. It is a nice spot to view the lake and the back side of the dam, that dives in 83m depth, between the rocks. In the location Mouha you can admire the fiords of the lake and the small island Niagka. It’s a good chance for shopping, while in a side of the bridge there are beautiful little shops of the local producers. There you can find souvenirs and local products, such as frumenty, noodles, tsipouro, desserts, honey, halvah, wines, cheeses and other traditional products.

Observation Post

From there you will enjoy the best view to Plastira’s lake. You can see the fiords of the lake and its small island and on the other side the green slopes and the impressive tops of the mountain Agrafa. On the central road, 2km before the dam, turn right to the observation post. In 3km, 1,5km asphalt and 1,5km dirt road in good condition, we reach the observation post, in 1350m altitude and we can view the lake and the villages in Karditsa and Trikala and when the atmosphere is clear we can view the mountain Olympos. The view is amazing, the lake, the sky and the rare birds, the forest, the naked mountain tops of the high mountains.

Botanical Garden in Neohori

Approximately 1,5km northern of Neohori, on the way to Kalyvia Pezoulas, there is a sign in our right that, leads to the Botanical Garden.

It covers 10 acres and it has species of the flora of the area of Plastiras lake and also in general of Greece.

Every year it has a big number of visitors every year, students or tourists, who want to enhance their knowledge about the flora of the area. The Botanical Garden is open the whole year. Its visitors have the opportunity for a guide tour, to shop fragrant plants and herbs, to drink coffee or refreshments and to go for a walk in the lake, that it abstains only 50m from there.

Fort in Fanari

The Byzantine fort in Fanari is the leading element in the area. It is located 14km away from Karditsa and it is the only Byzantine castle being saved in western Thessaly. It is built in the hill of Fanari and in the past years it used to control the passing from Epirus to Thessaly.

It is a small blockhouse that covers an area 2.6acres and it is amplified by six towers. Its perimeter is 230m and its walls there are there are five towers. Its walls’ height reaches 10m and their width 2m.

It had two entrances, one in the southern side, which was the main entrance and one succursal in the northern side. The diameter of the blockhouse is approximately 100m. In the interior there are the ruins of two tanks, a powder magazine, a glass that was in an older building with bathroom and a building of two rooms, in front of the room, for the needs of the guards.

The castle was used by the Turks at the time of the Turkish slavery as a barrack and also from the greek army after the affranchisement.

Mountaineering shelter in Agrafa

The mountaineering shelter in Agrafa, is located in 1.536m altitude, in the location Karamanoli. It is a well organized shelter, that is housed in a modern stone building with all the necessary equipment. It offers the basic services, such as central heating, fire place, blankets, kitchen, restroom, hot water, shower, comfortable dining room and it can accommodate 30 persons.

Its location is the start of many paths with the proper signs. You can choice among all the levels of difficulty for hiking and along the paths there are kiosks and benches for your facilitation.

In its installations there is also a floor for amateurs, of 300m length and lift. The ski center of Agrafa is under development and it offers opportunities for endurance road and mountaineering ski.