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Plastira's Lake tour guide

1st day-Contact with the nature
After having a good breakfast, we start our stroll from hotel “Pezoula”, towards beautiful paths in oak forests that arrive at the amazing fjords of the lake. There, we have the chance to smell the scent of nature, hear the water that flows to the river, the nightingales and the squirrels that run in the branches.

Continuing our walk around the lake, we have the chance to practice alternative activities, such as arching, horse ridding, mountain bike, water bike, canoe – kayak and swimming during the summer.

On the way to the center of the village Kalyvia Pezoulas, we will meet small traditional coffee shops, shops with local & handmade stuff and traditional taverns, where we can enjoy local meat and homemade food, nice wine and tsipouro and other local delicacies.

2nd day- Mountain bike
Mountain bike is a new challenge for the visitor. A cycling road starts from hotel “Pezoula” and leads to a wonderful route, through oak forests. During the route, the view to the lake is also amazing.

After approximately 4km we meet the Botanical Garden, where we can stop in order to have a refreshment drink, to admire the plants and buy healing and aromatic herbs. We return for lunch and rest, since we will continue cycling in the village Pezoula and in the water mill of the area, in the afternoon.

3rd day- Tour of the lake
After having a good breakfast, we start our tour by car. After a short and graphic route, we meet the village Neoxori, our first stop to take pictures and enjoy the amazing view to the lake.

We cross the beautiful village Mpelokomitis and to the right of the mountain we meet the traditional village Karitsa. Over the village, in 1500m altitude there is the Monastery of Pelekiti, that is built in the edge of a rock. It is one of the most wonderful monasteries in Greece, it was built in the 14th century and it is dedicated to Madonna.

We continue our route in the central road. Under the settlement Zigogianneika, on the right, there is the observatory post, one of the best spots in the lake, that offers endless view. It is where Plastiras had the idea of creating a dam.

Continuing, we meet the dam, where there are many shops with local desserts, souvenirs, etc. We cross the villages Mouxa, Kastania and we reach Lampero beach.

Between the villages Mesenikolas and Mosxato, in 800m altitude, we meet the Holy Monastery of Koroni, where there are kept many rich curios, such as the holy body of Saint Serafim. We can have a tour there and after that, on the way to Mesenikolas we'll have the chance to get local wine and tsipouro.

Next and last stop is at the house of N.Plastiras that operates as a museum today in his birthplace, the village Morfovouni.

4th day- Fort of Fanari
On the way from Morfovouni to Mitropoli and from Fragko to Palaioklissi, we meet the road Karditsa- Mouzaki. We turn left and in front of us there is the fort of Fanari (approximately 35' route). The village Fanari dates from the 13th century and it is built in the slops of a hill, that in its top there is the Byzantine monument. It covers 2,5 acres, it has an arched gate and its walls are more than 2m wide. Below the castle there is the chapel of Ai Giannis, that was built in 1873 over the ruins of an ancient temple.

In the entrance of the village, there is the Monastery of Saint Serafim, the patron saint of Karditsa, in the exact place where he was tortured. As we cross the graphic center of the village we meet small traditional coffee shops, small shops, stone ovens with ceramic pots and we end up in the central square where we can visit the folkloric museum.

If you are in a mood for walking, you can leave the car and walk to the source, through a wonderful course. Leaving the square we meet the sources of the village, in the seat Piliorikia. The route that starts from here and lasts for 3km is in dirt road. After the vineyards of the village, we meet the source. During spring this experience is unique. Efflorescent cherry trees, fresh grass, red tsagalies, nightingales that awaken the senses.


In Plastira's lake you will also discover adventure. You can do canoe or water bike in organized coastal facilities and admire the beautiful scenery in a peaceful environment.

In special shaped places you can try your abilities in arching or do horse riding, an activity that allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature in a unique way. The cycling lovers can follow special routes that start from hotel Pezoula and end in Plastira’s lake, through thick oak forests and with no need of special experience. During the winter you can ski in the small ski center in the location “Karamanoli”, near the mountaineering shelter in Agrafa.

Activities don’t end here. There are beautiful routes for hiking and climbing and also floors for air sports in Ellinopirgos.